Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spitting Caves - Oahu

Located on the Eastside of Oahu is a neighborhood nestled along the side of Kokohead called Portlock. Not many people are aware of the majestic beauty that lays out on the lowlands of the cliffs here. Only because acsess is thru private trails which unless you grew up around these areas, you would not be able to find them. There is also a very famous fishing spot where people frequant for sardines called China Walls it is also very popular amongst the local surfers who love to ride the huge open channel swells that rest in the waters off this coast line.

This particular site however is a regular spot for me as the fishing here is the main attraction. The water here is a open ocean channel which leads many deep sea fish into the coastal line allowing local fisherman the chance for good shorecasting excitement you would find while trolling on a boat. I have knowledge that Mahi Mahi , O'io , U'lua and Shibi are speared and caught easily 50 - 100 yards right off these cliff areas. The other day I was able to land Moana Kale right below the shelf as well as a couple Mamo's. The brighter the red in the Moana signifies the depth it comes from meanning sweeter & cleaner meat. I didnt see any Weke Ula which is by far my favorite bright orange fish. But Im sure I would need a boat for that kinna catch.

Around the point of this area is a cave located about 65-70ft below the cliffs. It is called the " Spitting Cave ". A popular site in Hawaii Kai which many of the kids in that area love to test their immortality by risking a jump or two into its forcefull spitting of water caused by pressure that fills the cave when the swells fill it. I have never personally jumpped this landmark. And dont plan to because Im not that CRAZY !

There is however a ladder is in tact to help the jumpers get back up to the cliffs and I am sure it was installed by the homeowners that live in this million dollar neighborhood.

You can view the islands as it were back in the days of old off these cliffs as it is still untouched and remains in tact as alot of the trails in the mountains which have not been damaged by development.

The waters on the point on a clear calm day will display turtles, hawaiian monk seal , sharks and many marine life in a vast variety of colors.

There is also a little hidden patch of greensand ( olivine crystals ) known as peridot. Which is a breakoff of the cylinder along side the eastside coastline. They are very fine grains of green crystals which is said to have healing minerals properties in them. The form here is not pure as there is white coral mixxed in with it. And because I know first hand about precious gem stones thought it was not worth bottling up like the crystals I found out in Ka`u on the big island. But that is a trecherous 6 mile hike located out in South Point dessert which is a whole different story in itself.

This is a favorite overnighter spot for me. Pitch a pop-up with some steaks , wine and send the poles out. Remember to bring a soft pillow and sleeping bags. A portable DVD player and some good music doesnt hurt on this one.

Directions : Sorry I will not encourage visitors or locals the right of acsess here only because of the danger involved with reaching the designated area. There are many deaths reported out at this sight. A friend of mine loss his father here while cliffcasting which was a very disturbing experience. And unless you are from this area. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Safe Journeys !

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